Ofishial sait by the drawer E. V. Ladyguine


E. V. Ladyguine, 1999- 2009. All rights reserved.







Evgueni V. Ladyguine is the founder and popularizer of the new direction in graphic art, which named Painting of the pen.

The creative interests of drawer are:

         Classic, romantic and modern pen drawings.

         Decorative graphic, graphic with tone shading and graphic with tincture of aquarelle.

         Color shading graphic Painting of the pen.

At the close of the 1980 drawers creative activity concentrated in the development of draw method. Drawer makes an attempt to make smooth and soft the lining and shading pen & ink draw.

At the first the experiments of the drawer concentrated on the monochromatic drawings. Master uses sharp thin stainless pen and different concentration of ink. This method allows making the paint looking result. The lines and shadings of the drawer achieved minimal weight and compactness. The traces of pen in drawers figures have look as traces of etching needle. Drawer works not only in academically manner. He likes to work in sketching manner.

Evgueni Ladyguine is the active experimentalist. Heretofore, in graphic did not develop the method which corresponding the methods of the paintings. Evgueni Ladyguine is the first men who create this. In the period of 1999-2003 was determinate and thorough examination the methodic of work and art materials and tools.

The characteristics of Colour (multicolor) graphic Painting of the pen are:

         The drawer makes the realistic image in the color graphic. This kind of image look as the aquarelle paintings, but it saved all attributes of graphic.

         In this style use the palette greater than 50 colors. Used Russian color inks and transparent watercolor Ecoline by Royal Talens, Holland.

         The methodic of drawer is the shading, the pen drawing with suppresses and spreads, the ink filling of and water-color wash of pen, dot raster and blot s and sputtering of ink too.

         The color in the drawing is produced from optical effect of merging several layers of shading and mixing of spreads of colors on the paper surface.

The main motives of drawers creativity are:

         Architectural landscapes of contemporary and historical ensembles and draw of architectonical details.

         Nature landscapes in romantically style.

         Sea landscapes with draw of sailing vessel.

The most fully series of drawings which have started in the late 1990 are:


         Rostov the Great

         The Golden Ring of Russia

         The portraits of country (Russias) towns

         Russian motives

         European motives

         Romantic landscapes

The drawings of E. Ladyguine met public approval among the most diverse sections of connoisseur of graphic arts in the world:

         Many of famous Russian museums purchased the drawings of E. Ladyguine. Among them is State Historical Museum in Moscow, Museum of history and reconstruction of Moscow, Vladimir and Suzdals museums Art Gallery, Art Gallery of the State museum Rostovs Kremlin and private collection.

         The Administration of The President of Russia, Department of Defense of Russia, Moscow city administration used the E.Ladyguines drawings in the metal interpretations as the V.I.P. souvenirs and as an elements of decorations of interior.

         A many of drawings of E. Ladyguine were staged with the success at the 7 personal art exhibitions (2002-2009) and other art exhibitions in Moscow and other cities of Russia.

At the 2002 each year dozens of times the meetings with connoisseur and master-classes passes with the interests in the Moscow, Kazan, Kursk, etc.

The drawer (and about the drawer) published more that 50 articles in mass media. In this articles the rider meet with author and his art methodic in graphic.

With the great Russian writer Dmitry Balashov the drawer begun the work about illustrations of the series of writers essay The cities of the Land. The drawer continued the work as drawer and writer after Balashovs died in 2000. 6 essays of Balashov and 1 book which wrought the drawer were published with E. Ladyguine illustrations.

The drawer graduated with honors The Art-Graphical faculty and post-graduate study of Moscow Pedagogical State University. The drawers teachers were his father famous soviet designer V. Ladyguine and V. Sinev professor of graphic from Art College named Remembering of revolution 1905 year.


Painting of the Pen