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Ofishial sait by the drawer E. V. Ladyguine



Fairy tale forest.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 36х24. 2001.


Suzdal. The Kamenka River.

Paper, pen & ink. 37х24. 2001.


Unknown Moscow.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 32х22. 2001.


Pokrova na Nerly.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 34х24. 1998.


The forest.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 34х24. 2008.


The Pearl. St.George cathedral in Yuriev. Paper, pen & ink. 37х24.1998.


Venice morning.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 32х22. 2008.


The image is similar to classic pencil drawings and etching because it has a smooth and realistic visual characteristic.

The drawer use one color of ink for makes interpretation congenial to image.

The figure creates on several kind of paper. The paper can be white or toned, smooth or factures.

The methodic of drawer is the “shading glaze” (effect of overlay layers of translucent ink) and the pen drawing with suppresses and spreads.

The white ink uses in the drawings on the toned papers.









Old Bridge in Tutaev.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 1999.


Zvenigorod. The sunlight.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 24х36. 1999.


The overgrown pond.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 24х32. 2003.


The fountain on the wind.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 36х24. 2008.


Pskov’s mood.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 35х24. 2001.


Zaraysk old shopping centre.

Tone paper, pen & brown and white ink.35х24. 2001.


Tower Bridge.

Marble paper, pen & ink. 20х30. 2009.


The Church of Odigitria in The Rostov Kremlin.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 21х30. 2002.


The House of scientists in Moscow.

Tone paper, pen & black and white ink.24х34. 2003.


Moscow. The House of music.

Paper, pen & ink. 50х37. 2009.


Smolensk motive.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 29х21. 2003.


Ugreshsky monastery.

Tone paper, pen & ink. 40х24. 2001.


Painting of the Pen